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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

  • To provide consultation Services, Trainings, Research and Developmental plans to our Registered farmers.
  • To deal with the Agro produce of our registered farmers arising from Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Viticulture, Pisciculture, Apiculture, Forest products, Plantation, Dairy farming, Sheep farming and all other activities which promote the interest of our registered farmers.
  • To deal with Agro inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, farm implements for our registered farmers at their door steps through our field functionaries and sale centers.
  • To ensure every production related support like produce storage, processing, trading, export and marketing of all Agricultural and Horticultural produces including medicinal plants to our registered farmers. Also ensure steps to develop grading and packing lines for dry and fresh fruits and vegetables of our registered farmers.
  • The main concern of our company HFPC LIMITED is to develop Lab to land linkages for increasing the production and improving the quality of farm produce and to take up farming profession of our registered farmers on commercial basis.
  • To develop high density plants and hybrid seeds in our nurseries and farms so that needs of our registered farmers are catered. This way prepares our farmers for a competitive national and international market in next few years.
  • Food traceability from source to shelf is gaining importance across India. Consumers are looking for fresh produce and on the other hand farmers eye avenues to sell their fresh produce. We aim to bridge this gap.
  • Our aim is to integrate farmers, traders, vendors, and customers on a common platform to structure the agricultural sector as a connected chain. We intend to target one centre for 5000 farmers.
  • To play a vital role for implementation of different developmental schemes of central and state government agencies.
  • Many buyers and trading units in the country are in touch with our marketing team for bulk purchase of Agro produces of our registered farmers and very soon this company will arrange a link between our growers and buyers.
  • The company is aiming to enter the INTERNATIONAL market in near future and is presently working towards the required infrastructure
  • The company is committed to obtain latest technical know-how from various parts of the world and deliver the same to our registered farmers.
  • To develop suitable plans for land use on the basis of soil type, soil texture, topography etc and guide our valued farming community for using agro based inputs and cultivation.

Our Vision

Our Vision has to be changed to the following "Himalayan Farmers Producer Company Limited is working in earnest to design and develop the Agro Economy of Kashmiri farmers living in rural, areas with difficult terrain, areas which lie under snow for large parts of the year by providing them the latest scientific technologies and methods of Agriculture and Horticulture through our experts and Agro-Techno clubs."