Directors' Message


Agriculture plays an important role in economy of our country. It provides employment to about 56% of workforce and food security to Indian population.

Jammu and Kashmir is known for cultivation of different fruit crops owing to its varied Agro-climatic conditions and amongst them apple ranks first as per acreage and production. More than 70 percent of population is directly as well as indirectly associated with this industry. However, this industry is full of various challenges and issues at farmer’s level which includes lack of scientific knowledge, transportation, marketing, processing, storage etc.

Himalayan Farmers Producer Company Limited has emerged with the passion and courage to meet the challenges in Agriculture/Horticulture and allied services with a team of experts to meet the emerging needs of the farming community. We hope our experienced team of experts with knowledge, skill, experience and dedication will make a great success in this way.

Jammu and Kashmir offers a world of opportunities to Himalayan Farmers Producer Company Limited and we are engaged with a noble task for upliftment of our registered farming community by providing them the best possible support to create an era of rapid growth of Agro industry.

We welcome our team and all sects of society for their co-operation and dedication.

N.A. Shah
Director (HFPC Limited)
M.H. Malik
Director (HFPC Limited)